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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Newport News, VA

Answering All of Your Dental Questions

Do you have a question about your dental insurance coverage, a certain treatment we offer, or your at-home oral hygiene routine? Our dentists and team can help answer them! Below, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions that we receive from our patients. If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for, just call our office!

How often should I change out my toothbrush?

It’s recommended that you change out your toothbrush every three months, whenever you notice the bristles are beginning to fray, or after you’ve gotten sick. This will help prevent bacteria accumulation.

Are dental implants the best option to replace missing teeth?

Dental implants aren’t always the perfect treatment to replace missing teeth, because every patient’s needs are different. However, they are one of the most popular options due to their unique design and the variety of benefits that they offer. During your initial consultation with our team, we’ll examine your mouth and jawbone and speak with you about what you would want in replacement teeth. Based on our findings, we’ll try to match you up with the best restorative treatment for you and discuss the pros and cons of all of your options.

Does it mean I have sleep apnea if I snore every night?

Just because you snore doesn’t necessarily mean that you have sleep apnea. Some other symptoms that you may notice if you do have this sleeping condition include chronic fatigue, morning headaches, abruptly waking up and gasping or choking throughout the night, and difficulty concentrating. If you believe you could have sleep apnea, contact your primary care physician and discuss taking a sleep study. You can either do one at home or in a laboratory, and once completed, you’ll be able to get an official diagnosis. Afterward, be sure to visit us to see if one of our customized snoreguards can help you get the rest you deserve!

Do you see children?

Yes! Our team at Link, Jacobs & Link regularly treats entire families, including children and teens. We offer several different kid-friendly dental treatments, including customized sportsguards, silver diamine fluoride, dental sealants, and pulp therapy.

How often should I visit my dentist?

The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentists once every six months for a checkup and cleaning to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy and infection and decay-free. If it’s been longer than six months since you last visited your dentist, give us a call and experience honest, reliable dental healthcare when you visit our team.

Are one-visit dental crowns just as strong as traditional dental crowns?

Yes! One-visit dental crowns are crafted out of solid blocks of porcelain in our office. They’re accurately created to match the digital blueprint that we capture using our digital impression system. Plus, because the entire process is completed by the same, detail-oriented, experienced team members, the results are often more precise and consistent.

Is it really necessary to floss my teeth every day?

Flossing between your teeth is incredibly important. It helps prevent a hard-to-see oral problem called interproximal cavities, or cavities that form between the teeth. They’re more difficult to treat, and you may not even notice that you have one before it’s too late. To prevent them from forming, you should remove all of the food debris and plaque that has lodged its way into the nooks and crannies of your teeth. The only way to do that is to floss each day!

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